About Us

“PrYme Time” is a full-service consulting and project management group that has grown to become a top “Lead Provider” across a number of different verticals. A negative stigma has formed due to un-ethical practices by media and lead provider companies over the last few years, particularly in addiction treatment.

Every time a recovery center gets taken advantage of, its one less open door available to save a life. We are living in a time where addiction and mental health issues are plaguing the world, so we decided to come together and utilize our skills and knowledge to help as many treatment centers as we can. A team that is aware of exactly what this industry needs.

Recovery centers now have an option to partner with a company that they can trust. A company with professionals that not only understand your situation but provide solutions to improve upon it. A company that is honest, ethical and dedicated to providing the personalized services you need.

Whether you are looking to expand or build-out a call center, re-train your staff, purchase media, produce a commercial or radio ad, improve social media strategies, create story content, improve SEO results, or simply need general consulting on the best way to cut costs while improving results, “PrYme Time” has the solution for you!